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Monday, February 28, 2011

Workshop Announcement!!!

Almost weekly, I get requests from photographers looking for information on how to improve or start their wedding photography business, questions on workflow, editing, shooting, etc... After weeks of planning, I am happy to announce my first workshop!

This will be such an amazing opportunity to learn, improve, and begin your dreams. I will be going over so much at the workshop that I will have to speak fast for it to all fit into one day. We will be going over shooting, marketing, branding, posing, editing, workflow, finding your style, standing out in your market, how to keep your creativity going, how to shoot the weddings you want to shoot, tips for your first wedding, how to run your business, how to talk to clients, submitting to publications and a Q&A session where you can ask any question!

The workshop will be April 16th in Central NJ. Seats are VERY limited as I want to provide one on one attention. Please e-mail kayenglishphoto@gmail.com for more information!



  1. Nice that you are doing this but can I be honest? A nice Q & A posting to share some of your experience is not such a bad idea either. Maybe because I am not quite there yet but workshops are beginning to seem so cliche to me, like something that every photog that feels they have accomplished a lot need to do to share information. Sometimes sharing the knowledge might be as simple as answering questions posed to one on the blog or as suggested, a simple Q & A posting. Many accomplished photogs have this. I wish you the best with the workshop, I know it will be well attended. I hope my candid observation is taken in good faith.

  2. Thank you for your comment and kind words. To answer your question, I prefer to teach in a face to face and personal setting so I can get to know the attendees. This helps establish what needs they have and what they want to learn, so they get a lot more out of it. I will also be having a Q&A session at the workshop :)

  3. Great answer Kay! I know some folks are tired of workshops lately but I do see a lot of new folks that could totally benefit from this and ignore the haters,

  4. Kay,
    It is always great to share as well as learn when people take the position of seeing it all or knowing it all they usually never applied it at all. I have an event on that day however if anything changes I would love to be apart of your workshop and I too have had great success in photography but I can always learn more. Be Blessed and continue to be a blessing
    Tyrone Love www.pixtions.com

  5. How much is the workshop?