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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011 Favorite wedding couple contest! $900 Album Give-a-way!!!

Yay! It's been such an AMAZING year! I feel so blessed to have worked with such amazing couples on the happiest day of their lives! God is good and I'm so grateful for being a photographer. The season is winding down and I'm happy to announce the 2011 Favorite wedding couple contest! The winner will receive a FREE 8x12 album! (Valued at $900!!!!) The rules for the couples are simple!!

Step 1: "Like us" on facebook
Step 2: The couples must tag themselves in our "2011 Kay English Favorite Couple Contest" album
Step 3: Get your friends to "Like us" and comment on your photo!!!!

Whoever has the most comments on their photo will win!!! Your friends must "like" our page or their vote will not count. They can comment only once per day.

Already have an album in your package? Use this as an extra parent album or you can substitute it for more album spreads :)

Good luck everyone and I will be announcing the winner in a few weeks!

1- Brittney & Bobby

2- Jeanne & Dominick

3- Michael & Jessica

4- Jamie & Brian

5- Kyle & Angela

6- Amelia & Juan

7- Kristen & Darryl

8- Jill & Steve

9- Bridget & Fran

10- Sarah & Justin

11- Erin & Jon

12- Lesley & Jay

13- Mary & Eric

14- Laura & Reuben

15- Megan & Jason

16- Sheryl & Chris

17- Nyree & Michael

18- Joanne & Nick

19- Julie & Bo

20-Amy & Dan

21- Laura & Tom

22- Jamie & Doug

23- Jen & James

24- Michelle & Mark

25- Lisa & Rob

26- Matt & Jessica

27-Nicole & Keith

28- Stephanie & Morgan

29- Stephanie & Michael

30- Cherie & Matt

31- Melissa & Edward

32- Rebekah & Grant

33- Sarah & Jim

34- Carl & Bridget

35- Karen & Adrian

36- Marla & Brian


  1. Kristen and Darryl's photos are beautiful. You really capture their love in the photos.

  2. #23 Jen and James- It's beautifully natural.

  3. I don't know them but #18 is awesome. Love her big smile. So candid. Fantastic

  4. Jen And James is perfect on the beach!

  5. Rebekah and Grant Reitzel! Love them!!! #32

  6. Stephanie and Michael - number 29- serene,
    and they look like they are sharing a secret.

  7. #6.Picture perfect!

  8. Amelia and Juan.#6 What a beautiful couple!!!!

  9. #23 Jen and James... Picture perfect :)